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Wild Bear Garlic (Allium ursinum) is a known European plant used in medicine and food preparation. Its primary constituents are highly concentrated, active sulfur compounds, including the main chemical component, Methyl-L- cysteinsulfoxid.

Other bio-active ingredients such as Gammaglutamyl-peptides, Flavonoids, Adenosine and Prostaglandins, are also present. The body needs sulfur for many functions including enzyme production, of toxic substances and protection through sulfur-containing antioxidant compounds. These include the amino acids, cysteine, methionine, taurine and homocysteine. Sulfur is also a component of the body's two most important antioxidants, glutathione and lipoic acid. Glutathione also bonds to free radicals, protecting against oxidative stress. The sulfur-containing Tripeptide, Glutathione converts toxins to water soluble compounds that can be eliminated via the kidneys.

Glutathione deficiency causes increased toxicity, which reduces cellular defense and impairs the immune system. Toxic elimination is dependent upon enzymatic binding to activated sulfuric acid. Therefore, the body must maintain sufficient sulfur reserves to ensure detoxification reactions. In addition, sulfur containing molecules are required for binding heavy metal complexes which would otherwise remain unchallenged, escaping elimination. Foods with sulfur-containing components are of utmost importance for protection against toxins. With its high sulfur- compound content, WILD BEAR GARLIC, supplies sufficient reserves to the body.  

Research: The Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Munich (Professor Dr. H. Wagner, and Dr. A Sendl) performed extensive studies and published their findings about the medicinal properties of Allium ursinum in 1998. In particular, they reported on the in vitro inhibitory potential of 5- lipoxygenase (LO), cycloxygenase (CO), thrombocyte aggregation (TA), and angiotensin I-coverting enzyme (ACE).  

Suggested Use (Capsules):
Adults 1 capsule two to three times daily Children 1/2 or less of the adult amount  

Suggested Use (Liquid Extract):
Adults 1 teaspoon two to three times daily Children 1/2 or less of the adult amount  

Special Comments As additional kidney drainage support, WILD BEAR GARLIC No. 35 can also be taken with SOLIDAGO No. 5 or BUCCO No. 25.   Standardization of Wild Bear Garlic Capsules An extract cannot be compared to a powder. It takes 1,140 mg of powder to match 325 mg of Wild Bear Garlic Extract in capsule form. Comparatively, it would take 3-1/2 times the amount of powder to equal one capsule of Wild Bear Garlic Extract.

Wild Bear Garlic No. 35 (8 oz liquid)

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