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The P.U.R.E GENERATION are those who are committed to living a life of Purity, a life that is Uncompromising in the truth of God’s word, possessing a Radical LOVE that strives to mimic that of Christ, and that this life of True purpose and God given destiny is for available for EVERYONE! Living a P.U.R.E life calls us out of our comfort zones. It calls us to be warriors, to be heroes, rescuers, to fulfill our God-given destiny, to take risks, to be adventurous and to love fully. It is a life of purpose and passion. It is a life that is truly lived. It is a life that leaves a legacy and it is a life that follows the call and leading of Christ. Learn how to live a P.U.R.E life and how to impact your world for Christ! This honest and thought provoking devotional tackles hard topics that effect generations young and old as well as practical ways revealing how you can an IMPACT your world!

The P.U.R.E Generation (E-Book)

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