Radiant Greens™ is a powerful NON-GMO super food formulation of organically grown grasses and vegetables, blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs, and antioxidants. Radiant Greens™ is naturally alkaline helping to balance your body’s pH, while providing you with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant proteins you need for proper cell regeneration.

Boosts Energy  *  Immune System Support  *  Improved Hair, Skin and Nails  *  Mental Acuity  *  Emulsify Cholesterol and Fat  *  Assists in Weight Management  *  pH Balancing

Radiant Greens ™ is a powerful NON-GMO super food formulation of organically grown grasses and vegetables, blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs, and antioxidants. Radiant Greens ™ is naturally alkaline helping to balance your body’s pH, while providing you with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant proteins you need for proper cell regeneration. The need for supplementation has never been greater than it is today. Our foods simply do not have the same nutritional value of years past. Plants and vegetables absorb 67 vitamins and minerals from the soil. However, a typical farmer will add only three nutrients back into his farming soil. Over time, this practice creates a huge nutritional deficiency in our daily diets. Radiant Greens ™ helps you overcome this deficiency by providing the nutrition your body needs in every serving.Radiant Greens Includes:

EUROPEAN BILBERRY EXTRACT* Another source of proanthocyanidins* Improves capillary strength* Assists night vision* Assists peripheral circulation
ACEROLA BERRY JUICE POWDER* 15% natural vitamin C* Most potent source of natural vitamin C* Spray-dried to obtain potent vitamin C and bioflavonoids* Helps Quercetin absorption* Balances pH in colon
ASTRAGALUS* Potent immune enhancing herb* Increases phagocytosis, interferon production, number of macrophages* Enhances T-cell formation* Functions as an adaptogen to relieve stress-induced immune system suppression
HAWAIIAN SPIRULINA* Abundant rhamnose glycoside content gives sustained energy* Potent source of beta-carotene* Richest vegetarian food source of B-12* High in GLA and essential fatty acids* Grown on the pristine Kona Coast of Hawaii* Superior source of highly absorbable organic iron* 65% easily digested, biologically complete protein* Most nutrient rich blue-green algae
GRAPE SEED EXTRACT* 92% polyphenols comprised of 68% proanthocyanidins* Potent antioxidant, 50x that of vitamin E and 20x that of vitamin C* Carries Vitamin C to vital tissues* Helps maintain strong, healthy connective tissues in order to help preserve elasticity and flexibility of skin and joint mobility
CHLORELLA* “Broken cell wall”* Removes mercury, cadmium, PCB’s* 20x the chlorophyll of alfalfa* High content of RNA/DNA* Rich source of iron and zinc* Green freshwater microalgaeHYDROPONICALLY GROWNWHEAT SPROUTS* 3-5 day sprouted organic wheat has no gluten and is therefore hypo-allergenic* Source of many antioxidants
SUMA* Known as the adaptogen which boosts and normalizes the function of vascular, pulmonary, neurological and other bodily systems
ORGANICALLY GROWN BARLEY,RED BEET AND WHEAT GRASSJUICE POWDERS* Organic juice powders are rich in natural vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium & calcium* Contain great amounts of chlorophyll & the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase* Provides stamina* Greater % of protein than eggs* Adds alkalinity to the body* Red beets detoxify the liver5%
FLOWER POLLEN* Pollen contains high amounts of SOD and is an additional source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and coenzymes* A multi-floral, cold-processed potent pollen from Montana* Nature’s most perfect food
NATURAL VITAMIN E* D-Alpha tocopheryl succinate* Dry powder with no oils* Antioxidant that protects cholesterol and lipids from oxidation
NOVA SCOTIA DULSE* Certified organically grown* Purple-red sea vegetable* Iron, Iodine, Boron, etc* Sea-source micronutrients
4 COLON CLEANSERS* High Pectin Apple Fiber helps maintain intestinal balance, cleansing the intestinal tract with 17.2% soluble and insoluble fibers* Brown Rice Germ & bran join with pectin & chlorophyll to cleanse, detoxify and deodorize the intestines* Sprouted barley malt soothes the intestines and gives moisture to the stool* Natural chlorophyll
DAIRY-FREE PROBIOTIC CUL- TURE* Grown on brown rice* 2.5 billion symbiotic dairy-free “friendly bacteria” per serving, which help digest foods as well as help absorb vitamins and minerals* Studies show a reduction of cholesterol levels after supplementation with probiotic cultures* Necessary for intestinal hygiene* Not centrifuged*
MILK THISTLE EXTRACT* 85.5% Silymarin, an Antioxidant that has a beneficial effect on liver function* Strengthens liver and stimulates new cell growth* Liver detoxifier and antioxidant* Protects liver from poisons and pollutants
CILANTRO* Excellent for removal of heavy metals* Powerful chelating agent* Natural purgativeALPHA LIPOIC* Powerful Antioxidant, enhances energy production* Both fat soluble and water soluble* Works best with Vitamin C and E* Found in all tissues of the body
SIBERIAN GINSENG*One of the most potent adaptogenic herbs* Has been shown to be an anti-fatigue and anti-stress adaptogenic herb* Contains germanium which is immune enhancing and oxygen enriching* Helps the body ward off stress and balances the body’s energy
PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADEGINKGO BILOBA* Improves and protects vascular health* Enhances mental function* Powerful Antioxidant* Improves delivery of oxygen to brain tissues* 10% of active ingredient is Quercetin, a bioflavonoid
GREEN TEA EXTRACTANTI-CANCER AGENT* May be the most important herb to take* Assists digestion with “friendly bacteria”* Helps reduce & control plaque causing bacteria in the intestines* Helps balance pH in the colon
RED CLOVER* Blood Purifier* Helps circulation* Good for bronchitis, wheezing* Excellent for acne* Soothing to the nerves, calming* Powerful anti-cancer agent
COENZYME Q10* Crucial for energy production* Used for heart failure, diabetes, chronic fatigue* Quenches free radicals* May help lower blood pressure
DANDELION ROOT* Helps to detoxify the liver* Purifies the blood* Promotes healthy circulation* Cleanses skin blemishes* Good source of protein, high in potassium, calcium; excellent source of vitamins B,C, & E
MAITAKE, SHIITAKE, CORDYCEPS* Immune enhancer, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial* Excellent source of antioxidants* Used extensively in Japan for treatment of cancer
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES* Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, Papain, Bromelain* Necessary for the breakdown of protein, fats and carbohydrates* Enzymes are involved in every metabolic process, they are necessary for cellular health

Radiant Greens (9.6 oz)

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