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Provides immune and digestive support.

MARCOZYME is a highly concentrated and powerful proteolytic enzyme combination. Compare the concentration of ingredients with similar products on the market.

Each MARCOZYME tablet contains:
Pancreatin 245mg

Papain 60mg
Bromelain 60mg
Rutin 60mg
Trypsin 25mg
Chymotrypsin 2mg
Magnesium Aspartate 2mg

Suggested Use
In Germany, physicians prescribe high dose proteolytic enzyme therapy during acute inflammations.
Acute Conditions: 5 tablets, every one to two hours until improvement is realized (up to three days), then reduce frequency and dose.
Chronic Conditions: 3 to 5 tablets two to three times daily, one hours before or between meals. This dose is based on a 160-pound person.
1/2 or less of the adult dosage.

Marcozyme Tablets (100 Tabs)

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