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Mapalo is an herbal extract made from South American Matapalo bark. It may offer cleansing support properties.*

Enhance your clarity with mapalo’s detox + cleansing formula*

Nutramedix's unique herbal formula delivers the detox supportive properties of Phoradendron crassifollium. Native to the Peruvian jungle, this wild harvested plant may also help ease Herxheimer-like reactions. Delivered through a highly bioavailable liquid, Mapalo can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.*


Product Info-

Serving Size:15 Drop

Servings Per Container:40


Amount Per Serving

Phoradendron crassifolium bark extract 0.75 ml

Other Ingredients:

Mineral water, ethanol (20-24%)


Suggested Use-

Shake well before use: Put 1 to 15 drops in 4 oz of water and wait one minute before drinking. Start with 1 drop twice daily (30 min. before meals) increasing slowly up to 15 drops twice daily or as directed by your physician. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Stop use if adverse reactions develop.



Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place at room temperature.

Mapalo 1 fl oz

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