On the rise of becoming an epidemic, Lyme Disease is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses plaguing our 21st century. Co-infections and symptoms present a case for many disease processes making diagnosis difficult. The three stages of Lyme are most often recognized in retrospect as the disease makes its way through the body systems. This is the Pocketbook Condensed Version of “Lyme & Co-infections, The Road to Recovery” book published in 2012.  This pocketbook size condensed version is ideal for those just starting on their journey through Lyme Disease, and can also be used as a guide with diet and supplement suggestions. Take with you on the road, give to a friend or family member in need, or keep in your purse or backpack. You won't want to be without this valuable life-changing information!



Lyme & Co-infections, the Road to Recovery (Condensed Pocketbook Version)

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