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Prescribed in Germany throughout the last century to female patients as a supportive remedy for physical and mental exhaustion, sleeplessness, menopausal disturbances, hot flashes, metabolic disturbances, depression, and irritability.  


  • Agnus 3x
  • Aclemilla vulgaris 1x
  • Asperula 1x
  • Caulophyllum 4x
  • Chamomilla 1x
  • Cimicifuga 3x
  • Cinchona 2x
  • Convallaria 3x
  • Crocus sativus 3x
  • Cyclamen 3x
  • Damiana 3x
  • Heelonia 2x
  • Hydrastis 3x
  • Lilium 4x
  • Mentha pip 1x
  • Naja 8x
  • Rosmarinus 1x
  • Senecio aureus 4x
  • Staphysagria 4x
  • Valeriana 1x
  • Viola odorata 1x

Suggested Use
1 tablespoon two to three times daily, before meals.
Not intended for children under 12 years of age.  

Female Tonic Homeopathic Medicine (8 oz)

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