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Energy Essentials EMFX Secure Systems contain our Patented Technology that stops Electromagnetic Fields in their tracks.
With our systems, you can protect your Home, Office or Personal Space from all angles with a variety of square footage coverage.What are EMFs?“EMFs” stands for Electromagnetic Fields or Frequencies, and they are all around us. With all the benefits of our technological advancements, there also comes great risk.As human beings, we are electrical and we are conductive. Which means, we are absolutely effected by EMF radiation.What Protection Am I Getting? With EE EMFX Secure Systems, you will get protection from the following sources of EMF radiation: *Cell Towers *Power Lines *WiFi  *New 5G Technology *Transformers *Smart Meters *Antennas *Cell Phones *Laptop Computers *Ipads + Tablets

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Energy Essentials Secure EMF Neutralization (For Buildings up to 2500 SQ FT)

SKU: emfx2500
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