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Vitamin D Liquid provides easy supplementation of Vitamin D, which plays an important role throughout life. Vitamin D Liquid is soy free and mixed tocopherols are used to preserve freshness. Vitamin D plays an important role at every stage of life, beginning with fetal development.* It helps support a number of important functions in the body including healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular health, and immune function.* Although direct sunlight exposure is a good source of vitamin D, many people do not get enough sun due to season change, latitude, or lifestyle. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation can be of great benefit.*


Thorne Vitamin D Liquid for adults and children makes supplementation easy. Thorne Vitamin D Liquid can be mixed with food or beverages. It comes in a base of medium chain triglyceride oil without soy oil or sesame oil, and it is preserved with mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E).


Product Info-

Serving Size:2 Drop

Servings Per Container:600


Amount Per Serving% Daily Value

Vitamin D (as Vitamin D3) (1,000 IU)25 mcg125%

Other Ingredients:

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil, Mixed Tocopherols

Vitamin D Liquid 1 oz

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