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Sealantro is Nutramedix' triple powered detox formula that contains the herbal extracts of Chlorella, Cilantro, and Pacific Cold-Water Red Seaweed.*

Feel the cleanse with sealantro metal detox + cleansing support*

Sealantro’s unique herbal formula combines the triple detox power of Chlorella, Cilantro, and Pacific Cold-Water Red Seaweed. Sourced from nature itself, Sealantro allows you to tap into nature’s powerful detox and cleansing support properties. Delivered through a highly bioavailable liquid, Sealantro can be easily incorporated into any daily routine.*


Product Info-

Serving Size:40 Drop

Servings Per Container:15


Amount Per Serving

Proprietary Blend:2 ml

Chlorella extract

chondracanthus chamissol extract

cilantro leaf extract

Other Ingredients:

Mineral water, ethanol (20-24%)


Suggested Use-

Shake well before each use: Put 40 drops in 4 oz of water and wait one minute before drinking. Take every other day (30 min. before a meal) or as directed by your physician. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Stop use if adverse reactions develop.



Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place at room temperature.

Sealantro 1 fl oz

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