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Oxy-Caps® is a supplement of stabilized, bioavailable oxygen ("vitamin O") that gives your body additional oxygen so your cells can function at their optimum for support of health and vitality.* Take Oxy-Caps as needed or as part of your daily routine.

• Support energy, stamina. Helps breathing at high altitudes*
• Helps with fatigue, stress, energy*
• Athletes—helps with endurance, aerobic capacity and recovery. Delays onset of oxygen debt*
• Seniors—helps with vitality, concentration and alertness*
• Helps detoxify chemical load*
• Nourishes cells to support oxygen levels*
• True stabilized oxygen in a convenient capsule

Product info:

Amount Per Serving:10 mg
Sodium Chlorite
Amount Per Serving:
Sodium Carbonate
Amount Per Serving:
bonded in a special process
Amount Per Serving:
Neutralized Rice Powder
Amount Per Serving:
Amount Per Serving:

Oxy Caps (375 mg) (90 caps)

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